Oregon Electric Vehicle Association

EV Awareness Day 2004
Saturday, August 21 Portland, Oregon

Held at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Be sure to check out all four sets of photos below. Thanks to Bruce, Bryan, Jay and Ross for sharing their camera work! You can also see the flyer we distributed before the event.

Photos and Report by Bruce Meland

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The 2004 EV Awareness Day at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Sat. Aug. 21 was a great success. Better than anyone expected. Over 25 EV's and Hybrids showed up to partake in the great venue at this central location in downtown Portland. Estimates gave the crowd attendance of over 10,000 over the 8 hr period from 9-5. Great interest ensued in all vehicles especially the 3 colorful "jellybean cars" as one admirer named them. (Sparrows) People jumped off the Max Line and stayed to browse through all the vehicles and asked many questions. OEVA had a tent and table where brochures and business cards were available for the taking. Local television news channels 6 (CBS) and 8 (NBC) showed up and we made the nightly news. Thanks to Brad and Gary for the good organization for this great EVent and to all that brought their vehicles. More photos and stories to follow.

- Bruce Meland, Editor http://www.electrifyingtimes.com and photographer.

Photos by Bryan

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Photos by Jay

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kawashocki bird's eye view electric wheelchair

Photos by Ross

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scooter gary and viktor and kgw face to face gary kgw view to east north side

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