Woodburn NEDRA Races 2002

These are a the video clips I took at the Woodburn Dragstrip of the NEDRA 2002 races. They're progressive Quicktime, so click on the link and it'll pick either the 56K modem or the LAN version. If you're on something faster than a modem (actually, even if you're on a modem), I recommend lying to Quicktime and telling it you have a LAN connection so it'll download the highest quality version. It'll start playing when it's downloaded enough so that it thinks it will have the rest by the time it's needed for playback. The file sizes link to the specific versions if you just want to download and save them too...

They are listed chronologically in order, which unfortunately matters, because quite often the announcer would be talking about the cars getting into position for the next race, rather than the ones actually racing. So you need to remember what he said on the one before while you're watching many of them.

Other links to picture and info from the event:

--Alan Batie

Jr. Dragsters (Modem-372K / LAN-1.4M)
These were the noisy things we were sharing the track with...kids 8-17 driving small dragsters with gas engines. They were going most of the day, with the EV races done in several groupings in between all the kids' races. If you just want to see EV's, skip this one...

Goldie and Dualin' 7 (Modem-721K / LAN-2.7M)
Sorry about the start of this one, I wasn't ready for the burnouts...

Escort and Silverado (Modem-650K / LAN-2.5M)

Killacycle and Father Time's Big Red One (Modem-1025K / LAN-4M)
OK, "Big Red One" is the name I made up for it, as I didn't hear another name for it ;-) Killacycle had some sort of problem, I think it blew a battery or something, so Father Time's bike won this pairing...

Dave Cloud's dragster (Modem-575K / LAN-2.2M)
I believe I heard this was its debut...

Father Time's Dragon Amps (Modem-633K / LAN-2.4M)
I think that's what this cute little bike's name is...

Goldie and Father Time's red bike (Modem-1074K / LAN-4.1M)
Great sound effects Rich, but where's the smoke?

Silverado and Dualin' 7 (Modem-899K / LAN-3M) LAN-3.5M)

Escort (Modem-372K / LAN-1.4M)
The Escord made a second run by itself...

Dave Cloud's dragster (Modem-319K / LAN-1.2M)
as did the dragster...

Dragon Amps (Modem-450K / LAN-1.7M)
and the little yellow bike...

Father Time's red bike (Modem-785K / LAN-3M)
and the big red bike...

Kawashocki (Modem-1215K / LAN-4.7M)
and another red bike... (what was with all the singlets?)

Goldie and Dragon Amps (Modem-420K / LAN-1.6M)
Ahhh, a race... the little yellow bike does pretty respectable...

Escort (Modem-319K / LAN-1.2M)
Another single run...

Silverado and Dualin' 7 again (Modem-642K / LAN-2.5M)
But you just need more than 48V in a car...

Dave Cloud's dragster (Modem-194K / LAN-0.7M)

1908 Oldsmobile replica (Modem-1047K / LAN-4M)
John races in style, though I don't see any plasma shooting out the back... I do understand this was a new Nedra Record however.

Tropica (Modem-1076K / LAN-4.1M)
This car has a cool 4-motor setup...

Killacycle and Father Time's red bike - 2nd round (Modem-806K / LAN-3.1M)
Killacycle and Father Time's red bike, 2nd round (Modem-578K / LAN-2.2M)
Killacycle won this round...

Kawashocki and Dragon Amps (Modem-574K / LAN-2.2M)

Zombie and Dualin' 7 (Modem-277K / LAN-1M)
This one starts late as my camcorder was mad at the operator who pushed the wrong button and so it took its sweet time about going back into camera mode...

Escort and Silverado - 2nd round (Modem-622K / LAN-1.4M)

Goldie and Tropica (Modem-332K / LAN-1.3M)

Windwagon (Modem-793K / LAN-3M)
On a hot day, it was nice to stand behind this EV!

Scooter (Modem-414K / LAN-1.6M)
Another Nedra record! ;-) Personally, I'd rather have one of these than a Segway...

Escort and Dualin' 7 (Modem-868K / LAN-3.3M)

Killacycle (Modem-539K / LAN-2.1M)

Zombie and Goldie (Modem-730K / LAN-2.8M)

Escort and Silverado, 3rd round (Modem-622K / LAN-2.4M)

Kawashocki and Father Time's red bike (Modem-239K / LAN-0.9M)
The front of this one seems to have gotten chopped also...

Dragon Amps and Windwagon (Modem-776K / LAN-3M)

Jeff gives a ride (Modem-442K / LAN-1.7M)
Not all the action was happening on the strips, actually, most of it wasn't, but this was a good way to get someone started in EVs early!

Goldie and Silverado (Modem-946K / LAN-3.6M)

Zombie and Dualin' 7, 2nd round (Modem-720K / LAN-2.8M)

Killacycle and Father Time's red bike, 3rd go round (Modem-501K / LAN-1.9M)

Kawashocki and Dragon Amps (Modem-930K / LAN-3.6M)

Dave Cloud's dragster and the Tropica (Modem-560K / LAN-2.1M)

Windwagon, 2nd round (Modem-764K / LAN-2.9M)

Silverado (Modem-666K / LAN-2.5M)

Zombie and Dualin' 7, 3rd round (Modem-718K / LAN-2.7M)
This was John's best time...

Killacycle solo, 2nd round (Modem-578K / LAN-2.2M)

Goldie and Dave Cloud's dragster (Modem-700K / LAN-2.7M)

Tropica, 2nd round (Modem-574K / LAN-2.2M)
This was the last run, and it sounded like the Tropica put a little too much power into the belts on this run, but it still made a decent run...