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Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers some of the questions that we receive all the time from our feedback form on the Contact Us page.

If you have additions or corrections to the answers below, please contact the webmaster.

I want to build an EV! Where do I start?

There is excellent information on how to perform an EV conversion at the Electric Auto Association website.

If you have a specific vehicle in mind, try searching for that make and model of vehicle at EV Album.

If nothing else, come to one of our Monthly Meetings and just start asking questions.

Who can convert my car to an EV?

Please check out the "Local EV Business" section on our Links page for pointers to EV conversion companies.

I don't want to convert. Where can I buy an EV?

If you wish to purchase a commercially available EV, check out the "EV Dealers" section on our Links page for local EV dealers.

If you're looking for prior EV conversions or used EVs, you can find lists at EV Finder or EV Tradin Post.

You might also consider joining our e-mail list and posting a general query to the OEVA group as people sometimes have EVs for sale.

Who can service my commerically purchased EV?

Check out the "EV Dealers" section on our Links page for local EV dealers that can service your EV or point you in the right direction.

Where can I get insurance for my EV conversion?

Please check out the "Local EV Business" section on our Links page for pointers to local insurance companies that are EV friendly.

What kinds of tax credits can I get for my EV?

The IRS allows a 10% tax credit in you placed a qualified electric vehicle in service during the year. The credit is equal to 10% of the cost of the vehicle, up to a maximum of $4000. To claim the credit, complete IRS Form 8834 and attach it to your Form 1040. This only applies to commercially available electric vehicles and not vehicle conversions (sorry). The State of Oregon allows tax credits for alternative fueled vehicles. You can get a tax credit for up to $750, or 25% of the vehicle conversion cost, for vehicles put on the road since January 1998. There is a similar tax credit for charging equipment. See the Oregon Office of Energy web page for more information.

Where can I charge my vehicle away from home?

Please check out our EV Charging page for locations around the local PDX area where you can charge your vehicle.

What size of motor should I use in my EV conversion?

Jim Husted, the motor master in central Oregon had some great notes on motors and motor sizes in a post to the EV Discussion List

Where can I borrow a crimper (or other expensive EV tool)?

The OEVA Quartermaster is responsible for the tool lending library. Please use the Contact Us page to E-mail him with your equipment requests and equipment offers.

The lending library includes tools that are 'owned' by the club. Individuals can volunteer and list their own equipment.

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