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Useful Electric Vehicle Websites

Local EV Dealers

Local EV Parts and Shops

  • ShorePower - Charging Stations and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) conversions, future EVs
  • Metric Mind - AC drive, EV parts, BMS, and EV info
  • Arcimoto - Manufacturing 3-wheeled fully-enclosed electric commuter vehicles in Eugene
  • Electric People's Car of America - Custom Electric Conversion Company. Contact Ernest Hagel at 503-307-1845.
  • SHIFTev - High quality parts and outstanding conversion service for people who who drive, build or restore electric vehicles.
  • EVDrive - Provides drive system engineering services as well as electric drive components for high performance vehicle drive systems.

Local EV Insurance

Other Local Stores Carrying Possible EV Supplies

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